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The Town Gaurds

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Albrech Stouthammer

Status: Alive

Race: Mountain Dwarf

Occupation: Blacksmith

Appearance: He is a broad, balding dwarf with a long black beard that has traces of silver in it. He is almost always looks like he was just working with something hot and sooty five minutes ago.

Personality: Albrech has the classic proud stubbornness that dwarfs are known for. He takes great pride in his work and his shop, and he will fight to the death to defend both if need be.

Bio: Albrech is the most skilled and respected blacksmith in Glimmer Beach. He is also very knowledgeable when it comes to all things related to mystical side of stone an metal crafting, including ancient rune magic. There is a long line of aspiring blacksmiths chomping at the bit for the opportunity to serve as an apprentice in his shop. This is fortunate, as Albrech can’t seem to keep an apprentice long before he of she dies some gruesome mysterious death.

Albrech was originally a craftsman that worked for the wizards of Boxia when it was still operating. Unlike the many other master craftsmen who sold to the school, Albrech did not quickly relocate after Boxia fell. Since the school shut down, Albrech’s business has done more to help the town than the town has done to help Albrech’s business. Many wonder while Albrech has kept his shop going so long after the school shut down. But from Albrech’s dwarven perspective, Boxia didn’t shut down that long ago. Being a slow stubborn individual, he’s been taking his time on deciding whether or not he wants to take his business elsewhere.

Arthur Frank

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Occupation: Mayor of Glimmer Beach

Appearance: Arthur is a slightly overweight, middle aged man who appears kindly but often has a slightly confused look on his face. He’s dressed nicely enough, but doesn’t give off much of a charismatic air of leadership for major.

Personality: Arthur Frank is a mostly competent but by no means extraordinary major. He’s good at running daily governmental tasks but has very little long term vision or ability to deal with sudden changes. He’s very slow to change his habits and usually trying to keep things running as they are for as long as he can get away with.

Bio: Arthur Frank became mayor a few years before the Tubthumpers arrived at Glimmer Beach. He was originally the deputy mayor, but his boss moved on to bigger and better things, leaving him as the only one who wanted to be major of the dead end town. Arthur was able to competently run the town administration but unable to come up with anyway to revitalize Glimmer Beach. He was even less capable to deal with the string of murders that began terrorizing the town after the death of Terrible Tim.

When the Tubthumpers arrived, Arthur was slow to heed their warnings of an undead attack on the town. He knew he wasn’t competent enough to prepare the town for such a crisis and so he tried to disprove and discount all of their warnings. Eventually, the evidence of the attack was too great to be ignored, and he reluctantly agreed to take action to prepare the town for attack. This was also partly due to the fact that the Tubthumpers had exposed his deputy mayor, Avery Huston, as being involved with the attack. Because Arthur was no master strategist, he deferred to the Tubthumpers for advice on how to prepare the town.

Avery Huston

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Occupation: Deputy Mayor of Glimmer Beach

Appearance: Avery is a young, scrawny, city official who is always dressed as though his position is more important than it actually is. He is short and mousy with brown hair, beady eyes, and judgmental sneer that is on his face more often than not.

Personality: Avery is a small, insecure man who is always looking for the opportunity to enforce his authority over others. It bothers him that the only town he’s able to hold office in is Glimmer Beach, which is well past its prime. To add further insult to injury, he’s only the deputy major, though he likes to act like he has the power of the mayor. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do to become the actual mayor in his desperate quest to climb the power totem pole.

Bio: The world of politics has always appealed to Avery, as he has sought power over others for most of his life. Unfortunately for him, his unpleasant personality and general lack of talent prevented him from rising very far in the world of politics. After meandering from town to town, trying to gain a significant political office, the only place that would have him was Glimmer Beach.

Bitter and desperately wanting to gain more influence, he was approached by George Maxwell, who offered him the chance to grab the power he craved. George told him there would be an attack on the town, and that there would be grizzly events unfolding in the town leading up to it. If Avery did his part to keep the authorities from seeing the big picture that was unfolding around him, George promised him that after the dust settled, he would be running the town.

Avery readily agreed, and did his part to keep the authorities from realizing what was happening. That is, until the Tubthumpers arrived. The Tubthumpers not only revealed the schemes happening throughout the town to the authorities, despite Avery’s best efforts, but also exposed Avery’s involvement in the planned attack on the town. Avery was then taken into custody for questioning, the night before the attack on Glimmer Beach.

Donny Valdar

Status: Deceased

Race: Human (Formerly), Specter

Occupation: Rich Little Kid

Appearance: Donny looked like a cute, blonde, well groomed, and slightly chubby little kid as a human. He was always wearing fancy cloths, but they were usually dirty from running around outside all the time. As a specter, he looked like a twisted ghostly version of his human self, his face always contorted with malice.

Personality: As a child: adventurous, playful, and a little spoiled. As a ghost: angry, malicious, and a little vengeful.

Bio: Donny was the youngest of the two Valdar brothers. He lived in the opulent Valdar Mansion and would often play outside with his brother Billy and the young greens keeper, Sean McErvin. His brother’s favorite game was to pretend to be the Boogie Man of legend and chase the other two around.

One day, Billy become a little overly immersed in his role and began relentlessly chasing his brother. Donny’s playfulness gradually became genuine fear of the darkness he saw emerging in his brother. Blindly running and trying to get away from “The Boogie Man”, Donny ended up running over the edge of a cliff side and falling to his death.

In an attempt to cover up what had happened, Billy and Donny’s mother, Nelly Valdar, lied about what happened and buried Donny’s body in the basement. There he lingered as an angry specter, until years later when the Tubthumpers went exploring the Valdar Mansion. In the basement, they were confronted by Donny’s angry spirit and defeated him. Donny’s spirit was then able to finally find peace.

Dwight Witeman

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Gerald Valdar

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Joseph Hodge

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Mary McErvin

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Moroes Castealen

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Occupation: Butler/Right Hand Man

Appearance: Moroes is an aged man who is tall, gaunt, and slender. He walks with a slight hunch, and moves surprisingly quickly and quietly for a man of his age. He is balding, but keeps what hair he does have well kept. He’s always dressed in traditional but elegant butler attire.

Personality: Moroes is very subtle and unassuming in everything he does. He always plays the role of the dutiful butler and is cordial with everyone he interacts with. He firmly believes in serving whomever he master is without question. This makes him a genuinely loyal servant and George Maxwell’s reliable right hand man.

Bio: Moroes was raised in a family of servants, and grew up learning all of the proper skills and etiquette that a butler could need. At some point in his life, he managed to pick up some skills beyond the normal spectrum of butler abilities. These skills made him effective not only as a butler, but as a spy and, if need be, an assassin. When the house where he served became The Maxwell House, he began dutifully serving George Maxwell.

George put Moroes’ less conventional skills to use by having him act as a spy and messenger to communicate with the various pawns in Valdar’s who were located around Glimmer Beach. When the Tubthumpers arrived, they spotted Moroes on one such errand and were suspicious of him. However, he managed to use a guard patrol to distract them long enough to avoid them and complete his task.

It was not until the Tubthumpers arrived at The Maxwell House to confront George Maxwell that they had another encounter with Moroes. After leading them into the dinning room so they could be ambushed by Blu’s gang, Moroes warned his master to make his escape while he stayed behind to try and destroy any incriminating evidence. Unfortunately, the Tubthumpers managed to defeat Blu and his gang and apprehended Moroes before he could destroy all the evidence. Moroes was then taken into custody, along with George Maxwell, whom they caught later.

Nelly Valdar

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Oliver ‘Ollie’ Haitto:

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Occupation: Innkeeper of the Slippery Rock

Appearance: Ollie looks like an older version of Popeye the sailor who let himself go a little bit. He walks with a hunch and one eye is always squinting while the other is wide open and leering. He’s usually wearing white raggedy clothing that looks like it should have been thrown out a year ago.

Personality: Ollie is a crotchety old man with a cynical attitude. Because he runs an inn full of rough and tumble sailors, he’s quite used to getting his hands dirty when he need to break up a bar room brawl. His years of sailing experience and no nonsense approach to dealing with the shenanigans in his inn has earned him the respect of most of the sailors in the area.

Bio: Ollie has lived a long and rough life out on the seas. He probably has many stories he could tell, but he rarely talks about himself. The Slipper Rock is essentially retirement from his long sailing career.

Percy Engel

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Sean McErvin

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William Valdar

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Glimmer Beach Inhabitants

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