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Core Classes

Artificer (DM’s Guild)


  • Path of the Ancestral Guardian: (XGE), Vr.2, Vr.1
  • Path of the Battlerager (SC)
  • Path of the Beserker
  • Path of the Storm Herald: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Path of the Totem Warrior
  • Path of the Zealot: (XGE), Vr.1


  • College of Glamour: (XGE), Vr.1
  • College of Lore
  • College of Satire Vr.1
  • College of Valor
  • College of Whispers: (XGE), Vr.1


  • Arcana Domain (SC)
  • Alcohol Domain (Homebrew)
  • Death Domain (DMG)
  • Forge Domain: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Grave Domain: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Knowledge Domain
  • Life Domain
  • Light Domain
  • Life Domain
  • Nature Domain
  • Protection Domain: Vr.1
  • Tempest Domain
  • Trickery Domain
  • War Domain


  • Circle of Dreams : (XGE), Vr.1
  • Circle of the Land
  • Circle of the Moon
  • Circle of the Shepherd: (XGE), Vr.2, Vr.1
  • Circle of Twilight: Vr.1


  • Champion
  • Battle Master
  • Eldritch Knight
  • Monster Hunter: Vr.1
  • Purple Dragon Knight (SC)
  • Samurai: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Sharpshooter: Vr.1


  • Way of the Drunken Master: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Way of the Four Elements
  • Way of the Long Death (SC)
  • Way of the Open Hand
  • Way of the Shadow
  • Way of the Sun Soul (SC) (XGE)
  • Way of Tranquility: Vr.1

Mystic (DM’s Guild)


  • Oathbreaker (DMG)
  • Oath of the Ancients
  • Oath of the Crown (SC)
  • Oath of Devotion
  • Oath of Redemption: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Oath of Treachery: Vr.1
  • Oath of Vengeance

Ranger: Vr.1

  • Beast Master
  • Deep Stalker: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Horizon Walker: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Hunter
  • Monster Slayer: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Primeval Guardian: Vr.1

Ranger: Vr.2

Ranger: Vr.3

  • Horizon Walker: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Primeval Guardian: Vr.1
  • Stalker: (XGE), Vr.1

Ranger: Vr.4

  • Beast Conclave: Vr.1
  • Hunter Conclave: Vr.1
  • Deep Stalker Conclave: (XGE), Vr.1


  • Arcane Trickster
  • Assassin
  • Inquisitive: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Mastermind (SC) (XGE)
  • Scout: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Swashbuckler (SC) (XGE)
  • Thief


  • Draconic Bloodline
  • Shadow: (XGE), Vr.1
  • Storm Sorcery (SC) (XGE)
  • Phoenix Sorcery: Vr.1
  • Stone Sorcery: Vr.1
  • Wild Magic


  • The Archfey
  • The Fiend
  • The Great Old One
  • The Hexblade: (XGE), Vr.1
  • The Raven Queen: Vr.1
  • The Undying (SC)
  • The Undying Light/The Celestial: (XGE), Vr.2, Vr.1


  • Bladesinger (SC)
  • Lore Mastery: Vr.1
  • School of Abjuration
  • School of Conjuration
  • School of Divination
  • School of Enchantment
  • School of Evocation
  • School of Illusion
  • School of Necromancy
  • School of Transmutation
  • War Magic: (XGE), Vr.1

Added Partial Classes

Psionic: Mystic

Prestige Class: Rune Scribe

Class Options

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